​Happy Dog Hotel, nestled in the heart of Acadiana, is a premier luxury hotel for boarding dogs and cats.

We realize that pet boarding is a necessity; therefore, our customers can rest assure that their loved ones will not only receive the best care available, but will also receive personal attention.  We ​achieve this through patiently spending quality time with every pet, allowing them time to acclimate to their new accommodations chosen by you. A safe, happy, and comfortable guest is our ​ultimate goal.

Happy Dog Hotel strives to be the best choice for your pet. We provide premium grooming and high-quality pet boarding, with luxury suites, trained pet technicians,  climate control, and excellent customer service as our hallmark.

We view your pet as a member of our family.

Happy Dog Hotel ​is committed to providing each client  with absolute satisfaction, through consistent high-quality service and care as if they were our very own.

It had been a dream of ours for years to create and maintain a pet hotel with a spa-like atmosphere where the stress of  boarding can be alleviated. Our dreams came true after many years of dedication, planning, hard work, and numerous hurdles. As in most things we do not do it all on our own. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our most cherished extended family members (two legged as well as four) whose loyalty have made this all worth it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to service you.

Ginny and Herb

​The Wide Eyed Dreamers

4406 NE Evangeline Thruway

Carencro LA 70520


E-mail: happydoghotel@aol.com