​Kitty City

$17 (Per Cat)

  • ​Bright, sunny room with large window provides a cozy feeling for your feline friend.
  • ​All natural gourmet meals served.
  • ​Premium litter provided for your kitty.
  • ​Meow treehouse featured in Kitty City!
  • ​Built-in kitty condos accentuate cage free boarding.

Luxury Suite

$40 (First Dog)

$32 (Second Dog and Additional Dogs)*

  • Luxury suite featuring extra large room with twin bed for extreme comfort.
  • ​Television with access to doggie videos or cable TV .
  • ​A treat on the pillow every evening.
  • A cozy rug.
  • ​Music (designed for pet listening pleasure) in the pavilion.
  • ​Excellent choice for pet family or extra large breeds.

​*Pricing for dogs sharing one room, and must be from the same family.

​Hotel Amenities Include:

  • Playful Potty Time​ provided 5 times daily. Guests are taken outside a minimum of 5 times a day to stretch and take care of business.
  • State-of-the-art facility designed to provide a comfortable, safe, healthy environment with lots of care for your loved ones.
  • All indoor rooms, and no doggie doors to ensure protection from pesky insects and inclement weather.
  • ​Six separate pavilions houses several types of accommodations.
  • Spacious indoor play area allows for playtime avoiding inclement weather and extreme heat.

Gourmet meals served once daily, in the morning, unless otherwise requested. Food used by Happy Dog Hotel is  a nutritionally dense formula with ​NO CORN, WHEAT, SOY, and contains Omega 6 & 3 to help support beautiful skin & coat. ​Food used contains ​NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES, FLAVORS, COLORS and is ​vet formulated for all ages, breeds & sizes. We provide CANIDAE All Life Stages dry food only, and an additional charge will be added if we supply meals.  
​If you would like your pet to maintain their regular diet, we ask that you provide their food in individual baggies for each serving.​​

​​​​Additional Services Available Per Day:


  • Medication                         $1.00         We administer prescribed medications. Charges are per pet and number of times dispensed per day. 
  • ​Playtime for Pups              $7.00        Supervised one on one playing outside in fenced area or in our indoor play room.
  • Kong Comfort Time          $2.50         Kong toy stuffed with delicious treats to keep your pup engaged and occupied.
  • Yappy Hour Treats            $2.50​          Healthy natural treats served.
  • ​Fleece Rental                     $2.00         Plush comfortable fleece for ​Kuranda ​beds.
  • Playtime in Kitty City        $7.00         Playtime with cat toys and treehouse.
  • Day Boarding                   $25.00        
  • Grooming      (Pricing Quoted by Groomer)     Professional grooming available for all breeds and all types of cuts. Over 30 years experience.​​

4406 NE Evangeline Thruway

Carencro LA 70520

(337) 896-0700

E-mail: happydoghotel@aol.com

Standard Suite

$27 (First Dog)

$23 (Second Dog and Additional Dogs)*

  • Kuranda Pet Beds provided in each  room; beds range from medium to XXL.

​Deluxe Suite

​$34 (First Dog)

$26 (Second Dog and Additional Dogs)*

  • ​Luxurious custom bed with SSS pet mattress provides the same comfort as your bed at home.
  • ​Layers of foam and fleece are an excellent choice for small dogs, hip dysplasia, or just sheer luxury!!
  • ​TVs and music (designed for pet listening pleasure) in the pavilion.